Rules of Play

The Rules of Play are available at the front entrance to Creepy Crawlies. Please note that entrance to the park is deemed acceptance of these rules.

Rules of Play

Strictly parental supervision at all times, inside and outside

All height and age restriction must be adhered to

Socks must be worn at all times, adults and children

Children must come down the slide on their bottoms, feet first

No running Long sleeves and trousers are required for safe play

Only food or drink purchased in the centre to be consumed on the premises

Please inform a member of staff if your child has any sort of accident!

Injured or unwell children should not use the play equipment – no pots/casts allowed on the play equipment (children with a permanent disability that require leg splints, please call prior to visit to allow a risk assessment session, which once completed the children will be allowed to play)

Shoes must be worn in the five aside area, and on the outside equipment and crafty corner

Children must not enter the animal park without adult supervision

Please do not feed the animals

No cameras or video equipment allowed, except in party rooms with your own children

Strictly no chewing gum on the premises

Creepy Crawlies does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings

Disruptive/destructive behaviour is not allowed.

The company and management have the right to refuse entry or ask customers to leave at any time

Strictly no smoking on the premises or in the outside park!

Glasses and contact lenses worn at your own risk on the equipment

Jewellery, ties, belts, watches, and badges should be removed before play

No shoes on the equipment

Adults must not ride the slides with children on their lap or hold hands with the children in adjacent lanes

We have deep unsupervised water play, adults must ensure that children do not go outside unattended at any point



We hope you have a fantastic, safe and happy play time! These rules are displayed at reception and around the building